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Pravcicka Gate & Bastei Winter Hike

The perfect place to go for a true winter romance! The hike is not too difficult and still surprisingly adventurous. The trails, paths and sandstone steps we will take you to, are quite safe, but will certainly give you some goose bumps too. You will experience views that will make your stomach feel the butterflies. Surrounded, all day long, by the refreshing, ozone-like smell of the wet or, if lucky, even snow-covered sandstone.

Just board our luxurious, Wi-Fi connected van, right in front of your hotel. Take the 2hour drive from Prague and get away from the hassle of the city. Join us for the journey off the beaten path and enjoy this one-day trip, packed with adventure, tasty food and craft beer from the regional microbreweries. We will return you safely in the evening. Tired, but happy and satisfied. And with an experience unlike anything most of the other tourists take back home from the Czech Republic.

We will show you the most highlighted and instagrammable spots of the two neighboring National Parks, the Bohemian- and the Saxon Switzerland. What most tourists see and facebook feed their friends in the summer, you will experience and share in the unique off-season setting, possibly even under the snow cover. In the placid winter atmosphere the iconic Pravcicka Gate looks even more monumental than when crowded with tourists in the peak season.

Thanks to being only a small group of travellers, we will be able to enjoy a delicious lunch á la carte at a well-proven restaurant, praised among the local food scene experts. We will eat & drink, rest, sip hot coffee or tea and then set off for our next adventure, the Bastei Bridge.

Bastei is the region’s most appraised natural sight, and rightfully so! The impressive sandstone bridge soars in the height of 40m and stretches across the beautiful rocky summits for some 76m. From here, you will be able to steal some of the best views of the surrounding landscape with the odd shapes of the table-mountains and sand rocks, outlined against the flaming red of the setting sun or the foggy silver of a winter evening. And, hopefully, you will find what the famous romantic painters and writers used to come here for. A treasure that cannot be stolen. An inspiration.

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The Narnia Labyrinth and Bastei with Wine

There are beautiful places in the world. And then there are places that steal your heart. The sand rocks region of Tisa is one of them. A magical spot the Narnia filmmakers discovered and chose to shoot some of the most beautiful parts of the famous movie. This labyrinth of sandstone towers and rock walls hidden in the forest provides an intense experience concentrated to a simple, yet inspiring one-day hike.

The easy accessibility and the safe paths, built by the 19th century Thun-Hohenstein nobility make it the perfect choice for all those, looking for great adventure while wanting to feel secure at the same time.

We will take you there straight from your Prague hotel. You will ride a comfortable, modern, Wi-Fi connected van. We like to keep our tours small and private and since our travellers tend to be cool and inspiring people, there is a good chance for some fun on the road. Once on location, our guides will show you all the highlights and, if desired, lead you to the exact locations of the magical Narnia movie. You will be watching the scenes and comparing it to the reality. Hell, maybe even shooting a movie of your own!

Being passionate instagrammers themselves, our guides have understanding for the time spent chasing after the best photos. Plus they will take good care of you by offering appetizing snacks and captivating stories. On the other hand, you will not be bothered by crowds of other tourists and will be able to enjoy the peace and quiet of the forest.

You will lunch at a charming restaurant, taste the best products of the local food scene and try the delicious craft beer from the regional microbrewery. Then, after some coffee and rest, you will move on to the next location, the monumental Bastei Bridge.

This usually crowded and greatly adored site lies on the German side of the Bohemian Saxon National Park. Just look at the bridge, connecting the sand stone towers, offering fantastic overview of the dramatic landscape with table-mountains and curved Elbe river valleys. Picture yourself standing in the middle of it, miraculously alone (due to the off-season), staring at the sunset tossing pink shade on the snow-covered rocks all around. With your camera ready...

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